Since the SanConsult Management Academy was established in 2003 more than 50 classes with approx. 1.000 Masters (MSc and MBA) finished their studies. All of them can answer the following question within their daily routine: What are the advantages of the MBA program on a personal and professional level and what kind of role and support offers the MBA group and learning atmosphere?

The decision about an academic education requires a specific set of skills from all participants, this means on a private and professional level – flexibility, support and good time management. Our participants from the MBA program have given answer the following questions:

  1. What did you gain form the MBA program? (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)
  2. How did you experience the group and the group structure?
  3. What kind of support offers the group?
  4. How did you experience the learning atmosphere? (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

Our clients are from all over Austria and even from Germany and work in various industries. They share their individual experiences and discoveries and demonstrate, that you never complete the MBA course on your own, but the group changes and widens the own perception, while sharing and working on a common goal.





Daniel Oberlojer, MBA

Lienz (Osttirol)

Group leader QM-System/Quality planning

Liebherr Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH


Gain from MBA course (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)

All of the course hours are challenging but applicable MBA course offered profitable inputs. The course content about business administration particularly supported the achievement of a better understanding and usage of commercial and management tools. The course provided management and soft skills, which in my opinion are mandatory for the performance of executive tasks. The extra occupational program allowed a constant use of the newly achieved skills in the professional environment, as well as the possibilty to work on operational tasks as project works. Even for beforehand completed educational courses new vistas were opened. Personally I think this course is the base to achieve my personal career goals.

Importance of the group and group structure

In my point of view the group and the group structure was a factor of success for the completion of course objectives, because the variety of represented industries and mixed generations provided a wider spectrum of perspectives, which lead to group discussion, from which valuable knowledge was gained. On the other hand it lead to discussions about professional challenges. As some participants were from the same industry and attended qualityAustria courses as well, exchange of experiences in specialist topics was given and important business contacts for the future were established.

In the course of the on-site courses the group was very motivated to work on the course objectives, as well as being very commited to design the course hours. The friendly cooperation improved the exchange of information and created a cooperative learning atmosphere.

Support from the group

Challenges in regard to the program could be mastered exceptionally well with the intense collaboration of the group, either within the distance learning phase with collaborational development of course content or during exam preparation. In the end this lead to the formation of smaller learning groups, which has improved the ability to work on demanding assignments even further.

Learning atmosphere (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

The lecturers of the MBA-course convinced with high qualification and a wide knowledge from work experience. Hence a majority of the course content could be proven with actual examples from the professional environment. The topics regarding business administration were taught exceptionally interesting and work orientated. The fact that the MBA-program classifies as highly practice orientated is underlined by the well designed self-study program, which primarily included tasks from the business environment.

The on-site training was scheduled from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, the course was easily managable extra-professional and the occupational routine was not influenced, which is a direct consequence of the very good course organisation. Information could be accessed via online-portal and any further questions were promptly answered by course management. These framework conditions ensured a well planned course, which offered independent time management.




Alexander Fehringer, MBA


District Director

Generali Versicherung


Gain from MBA course (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)

For many years my occupation at Generali Insurances was characterised by „learning by doing“, there was only a series of internal trainings. In 2011 I completed an university course in Insurance Business. The content was very specialised in insurance issues, but the necessary management tools for my position were missing. Therefore I started the MBA-program in 2013, upon recommendation of a former fellow student. Almost two years later now I can resort to an extensive management-know-how. My Master Thesis certainly contributed to the optimization of processes in the insurance field service. The thesis also influences further measure in the company. On a variety of project and homework tasks I had support from different branches of Generali, hence I was able to expand my personal network within the company. With the completion of the MBA-program I created an essential element for my future tasks in the company. And maybe the next promotion is already on the way…

Importance of the group and group structure

Being the director of a sales area in Generali I considered myself „exotic“ in comparison to my colleagues, as most of the other participants were in the industrial or processing field. Especially this fact brought up very positive synergies. The various experiences of the participants resulted in interesting inputs in conversations, discussions and group projects. Suspected differences on the first sight turned out to be similarities.

Support from the group

The variety of participants offered an optimal support. The intensive work weekends contributed to forming the group to a team, as they often did not end with the workshops. The collective support was granted by all participants. Documents, notes and the like were exchanged, experiences shared and new friendships were made.

Learning atmosphere (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

As I personally already have a lot of experience, the quality of the lecturers was very important for me. The lecturers very highly trained in professional and practical know-how and my demand was satisfied. The conference room in Vienna suited very well on both location and service on site. There was very professional support in all fields. The mixture of on-site hours and self-study was well chosen, course objectives could be developed flexibly. On hindsight the home and project tasks were of high significance for me, even if they required a lot of time, I was able to work on issues with a lasting effect.




Mag. Birgit Reithofer, MBA


Staff Unit for Quality Management and Psychology

Youth Center Hollabrunn (Lower Austria)


Gain from MBA course (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)

  • Deepened understandig of connections of economic, organisational and social factors.
  • The connection of leadership and quality aspects with particular attention on the social skill component represented an important approach for the service field of the common profit sector. Constant elaboration of applications for every represented organisation with presentations and discussions expanded the perspective and made content and experience usable cross-field for profit and common-profit-context.
  • The demand of constant reflection of course content on the base of the individual professional background and application of theoretical content on operational tasks within project works and exams caused an optimized know-how-transfer and strengthened competence for the benefit of the individual organisation during the duration of the course.
  • The scientific approach on relevant literature for the formulation of the Master Thesis provided a wide foundation of knowledge about the chosen topic and yielded together with the conclusions of the empiric study a series of critical aspects for the organisation far beyond the chosen issue.

Importance of the group and group structure

The broad spectrum of industries represented by the group provided fascinating discussions, expanded the perspective on the individual organisation and branch and improved the recognition of blind spots. The respectful and valued approach of the group offered open, constructive conversations with a pleasant atmosphere.

Support from the group

The colleagues enabled a successfull exchange with a pleasant learning atmosphere. Stimulating discussions and very positive, respectful personal encounters strengthened motivation and endurance especially during stressful periods.

The open-mindness for all point of views and the respectful handling of different approaches and priorities provided a vast pool of experience for the benefit of the group.

Learning atmosphere (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

The on-site hours of the very compact and densly structured course were exclusively on weekends, therefore a very good compatibility with professional obligations was given. The event location was conveniently chosen with close transport connections.

The high diversity of lecturers with a variety of approaches, priorities and organisational experiences offered an insight to a broader spectrum of organisational systems and styles and underlined the meaning of critical questioning of theories and models with regard to suitability and benefit for the individual organisational context.




Ing. Walter Matzenberger, MBA

Steyr, Upper Austria

During the MBA-program: From responsible Quality/Environment/Safety and strategic project division LKW to director of Management Systems and Process Quality

MAN Truck & Bus Österreich AG



Gain from MBA course (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)

  • Professional development:

After my training as Quality, Environmental, Safety and Healthcare Manager, as well as auditor at the Quality Austria, the MBA Executive Management specialising in Integrated Management Systems was the next logical step to complete the training with an academic degree. Furthermore the certificate for Risk Managment was issued by Quality Austria during the program.

In March 2014 I was appointed director of Management Systems and Process Quality at MAN Truck & Bus Österreich AG at the location Steyr with six employees. The area of responsibility includes the compliance and advancement of the management system (Q/E/S), document control, auditing and certification, process depiction and audits, default detection and backpropagation, as well as client-oriented error management process.

  • Personal development:

As a very structured and perfectionist person I learned, that during an intense professional challenge and the extra occupational MBA-program it is necessary to appoint priorities and focuses, and that not everything has to be perfect in every detail to reach the personal goal. My guiding principle is „Even a good horse only jumps just as high as it needs to“.

  • Course contents:

I want to particularly mention the contents, which could be used directly during daily professional routine. These were not only the professional contents, but also skills in communication, motivation, leadership and conflict management.

Importance of the group and group structure

The group was composed by very different occupational groups and contained colleagues from the production, social, marketing, insurance, safety and quality fields from all over Austria.

Support from the group

Because of very good contact with individual colleagues, meetings where held beyond the on-site hours in different provinces, with the aim of mutual support, motivation and exchange of ideas.

Learning atmosphere (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

The program was optimally organised and supervised by Mag. PhDr. Jutta Pfisterer-Pollhammer (SanConsult). I recall the courses with Mag. PhDr. Klaus Volcic as exceptionally positive, because he had a very motivating and convincing way of lecturing.

The demand of 100 percent attendance of the on-site classes required some organisation in the professional and private area, and you could consider yourself fortunate if you did not get ill on program weekends. The course free summer months were filled with several project works and with intense preparation for the marathon of exams in September.




Vincent Callède, MBA



Österreichische Lotterien GmbH


Gain from MBA course (Focus on professional and personal development, course contents)

The program increased my economic knowledge. I was able to reflect the subjects on occupational examples, which lead to easy, specific and long lasting learning process. My self organisation, my work management and learning techniques improved during the program.

During the preparation of project works and the Master Thesis I gained better skills in the scientific use of German language, as I am French. The MBA-program taught me a lot about my resilience and myself.

Importance of the group and group structure

The number of participants was not too big, which enabled closer personal contact. The wide spectrum of participants from different fields and also from outside of Austria and resulted in a vast exchange of experiences.

Support from the group

There was a pleasant discussion atmosphere, with no competition within the group, each and everyone had their place and contributed according to their respective experiences. The effort for exam preparations was reduced by group internal organisation.

Learning atmosphere (Focus on qualification of lecturers, organisation, supervision, on-site courses/self study)

The variety of lecturers enabled new perspectives and opinions from different fields and positions. The on-site course hours facilitated focussing on the respective topic shielded from daily business.


Further statements of clients


mba Edith Haller, MSc, MBA
Vice President Vertriebscontrolling, Air Berlin
With this MBA program I was able to achieve my personal goal to reach the next step on the carreer ladder. Besides the priorities on management knowledge specialised in controlling and risk management, I preferred a program where I was able to meet colleagues from various occupational fields. The mutual support contributed a lot to a positive graduation.”
mba Dipl. Ing. (FH) Josef Manner, MSc, MBA
Instantina Nahrungsmittel Entwicklungs- und Produktionsgesellschaft Ges.m.b.H.
“After my engineering graduation in robotics I wanted to aquire additional business management know-how for my future carreer development. Therefore I decided to complete the MBA program additionally to the MSc. Beyond the theoretical knowledge the program offered, the high practical orientation made it easy applicable, and improved my confidence.”
mba Rada Bukvic, MBA
Panalpina Welttransport GmbH
“After discontinued studies at the „Fachhochschule“ I decided to graduate in business administration and therefore completed the MBA program, and I am now prepared for my future international excecutive tasks.”
mba Christoph Ernst Schuh, MBA
Pollmann International GmbH
“The program, the lecturers and the organisation and support of the course management was excellent, although the requirement of time and good performances are very high. On a professional level the program established a foundation for the progress of my career. Personally I benefit from the financial contents in the program, which improved my base of argumentation in professional contexts.”
mba Michael Jelinek, MBA
Euromonts CS
“As a businessman I benefited of the contents of the program in the professional and personal field. During the preparation of my Master Thesis I analysed every business area on scientific approach, and as a result I was able to develop important strategic orientations.”