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“Your chance to progress” is the guarding principle in the realisation of projects from our experienced team members of UPstairs, skilled in a variety of branches in the fields of:

„Your chance to progress“ is our guiding principle, executed by the experienced team members of the independent consulting company UPstairs. Consulting and planning are supported by project management, training, accompanying quality control and temporary management until the main target is achieved.

Upstairs Management bases consulting on the following principles:

  • Independence – UPstairs Management has a neutral position to any third party, especially regarding cooperation partners or distributors.
  • Objectivity – Consulting always considers all options, chances and risks.
  • Competence – UPstairs consulting is only available in branches, in which UPstairs has verifiably expertise.
  • Confidentiality – All information and conclusions will be treated confidentally, without any contact with third parties.

The full impact of the global economic crisis is not yet apparent, but it has already developed a crisis of the Euro region and the resulting issues remain despite seemingly efforts of political decision makers:

  • Enormous cost pressure, causing the need to focus on core competencies,
  • the resulting structural adjustments because of increasing competitive pressure as well as
  • the excessive power of rating agencies.

A lot of companies try to deal with those issues in old-fashioned, out-dated ways and react with organisational measures:

  • Process Optimation, Downsizing.
  • Looking for strategic allies or
  • value-adding partnerships, eg outsourcing business units in low-income countries or virtual companies.

Since the economic crisis the requirements for management staff has changed vastly. Executives need to show visions, emotions and to be willing to abandon traditional paths. New leadership skills combine motivation, teamwork and convincing power- emotional-social competence is the key.

With this backround the advisory tasks of UPstairs Management are as diverse as the challenges of management. This is why UPstairs emphasizes issues with positive impact on business performance:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Budgeting
  • Temporary management
  • Training and Further Education

For further questions do not hesitate to contact UPstairs via phone (+43-680-332-92-71) or via e-mail (

Management-Academy B.A., M.A., MBA

Especially in economically difficult times an academic degree is a critical factor for success. UPstairs offers in cooperation with higher educational facilities extra occupational education (B.A., M.A., MBA) for the qualification profile: Economy – Leadership – Social issues. Because of the high quality supervision and in consideration of the extra occupational realisation a high graduation rate is achieved in our B.A., M.A. and MBA courses.

The academic courses can be specifically designed for corporate training.
In case of in-house bookings the key topics will be adjusted regarding existing issues after a discussion with the persons in charge and will form the basis for the development of a customized curriculum and a specific selection of lecturers. An extra occupational academic education powered by UPstairs includes:

  • Precise Scheduling through blocked courses primarily on weekends.
  • Expertise right down the line with a selection of lecturers: the essential characteristics are expert knowledge including working experience and methodic/didactic skills. The lecturers are for example business economist, psychologists, lawyers, communication trainers with high emotional and social competence. For UPstairs further training and steady evaluation of the lecturers are mandatory.
  • Course-Management secures an intensive support of the participants before, during and after the courses. We believe in comprehensive support for the achievement of course goals and in building an atmosphere, where effective learning is a delight.
  • Teaching compact management knowledge with practical orientation and
  • essential for any leadership position – emotional – social expertise.

ISO 29990:2010 and integrated a corresponding management system.


Additional value is added to our services for our clients – either in comparison with the offers of our competitors or alternative solution – because we focus on the achievement of the subsequent goals:

More flexible

e.g blocked, extra occupational education with courses and workshops on weekends and inclusion of e-learning.


Consideration of studies and work with standardised admission and supervision routines


Education through online-organisations and intensive support from course management.

Better applicable

Application oriented B.A., M.A. and MBA programs with highly trained lecturers