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Studying in the heart of Europe
Are you ready to start your independent life in a new city? We are here to help you, guide you and support you to achieve your dreams. Austria offers you a wide range of educational possibilities, making it an ideal place for studying and experiencing a very cultural way of living. Vienna has been chosen as the world’s most livable city for a decade, which is known as capital of art and its passionate lifestyle.
Student lifestyle in Vienna is not just about studying, it also puts you at the heart of summer festivals, music festivals and some extraordinary exhibitions.

Academic Degree:
B.A. – Experts support you by finding the right field of study on-site here in Austria.

Winter term (October) / Summer term (March) – Applications have to be sent approx. 6 month before because of administrating and supporting the admission. Depending on the chosen field of study the defined deadlines of the Universities can be different.

6 Semester, 180 ECTS

Prerequisites for admission:
Depending on your individual German language level
ATTENTION: Some field of studies requiring an entrance examination

If you will be admitted (decision will be made by university):
Tuition fee (third country members) 726,72 Euro per Semester
Additional costs for living per month for a student for example in Vienna. approx. 1.000 Euro
Please be aware that the Study Abroad Service is a charged service and additional costs for legalisation of documents, official translations etc. will occur.

UPstairs Management GmbH through its Student Abroad Service is your perfect partner to support your admission into Austria’s well known universities in the fields of Natural Sciences, Technology, Economics, Social Sciences, Art, Music, Tourism and all the other subjects that you are interested in. There are 17 public universities available for you to choose from, as well as private schools, which are located throughout Austria.

For instance you can study in one of the world’s oldest universities, University of Vienna, with 650 years of history. We will forward your application and supporting documents to your chosen university as well as following the application procedure on your behalf; should the university need further documents we will inform you immediately. For some subjects an entrance examination is required and the admission process takes at least 6 months.

UPstairs provides you following services:
• Supporting your application process.
• After admission welcoming you at the airport.
• Accompanying you to your previously reserved accommodation.
• Assisting you with opening your bank account and related services.
• Helping you with selecting the proper German courses.
• Advising you in selecting the mandatory insurance.
• Guiding you with your transport requirements.

Additional services:
• Educational and employment consulting according to previous experiences.
• Supporting students in finding internships and part-time jobs during studying.
• Helping students to develop their professional career path after graduation.

Mag. PhDr. Jutta Pfisterer-Pollhammer
Dr. Jutta Pfisterer-Pollhammer has the pleasure of introducing her Study Abroad Service, which provides exceptional support in searching for the ideal programs, and advices the qualified candidates for Bachelor degree programs in Austria. Dr. Jutta Pfisterer-Pollhammer has more than 27 years of academic experience in Austrian and German universities, which she has dedicated to educational program development and also business and management consulting. She has successfully run an Executive MSc/MBA program with several universities, such as SMBS – University of Salzburg Business School and Diploma private University of Applied Sciences in Germany for the last 11 years. She welcomes candidates who are striving to make a bright future for themselves by electing to study in one of Europe’s leading and competitive academic universities.
To receive our services and in order for us to assist you further, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are looking forward to get to know you.



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Meet Vienna
With 1.7 million inhabitants the capital is the most populated city in Austria, in its countryside nearly 2 million people are living. Vienna has been the imperial capital and residence city over centuries, and because of this, the city has become one of the cultural and political centers of Europe. This could be the result of its geographical position at the heart of Europe with only 60km distance to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, 250 km from the Czech Republic capital Prague and 280km from the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

Vienna consists of 23 districts; the first district is endorsing a historical theme. The inner districts are 1 and 3-9, while the districts 2 and 20 are divided from the rest of the city via the Danube River and the Danube canal. The 21st and 22nd district are the only ones located on the upper side of the Danube River.

Living in Vienna


Vienna has a variety of dormitory, which are managed by different organizations (associations, societies, foundations). The accommodation in a dormitory is very popular; it is advised to book as early as possible, as the places are already assigned up to a year in advance.

Shopping in Vienna

A good infrastructure of local suppliers is given throughout the city. Every district has a variety of grocery stores (most popular ones are Hofer, Billa, Merkur, Spar, Penny). Their opening hours start from 7:30h on weekdays and usually stay open until 18:30h or even longer. On Saturdays they close at 18:00 h, on Sundays they stay closed, although some stores in train stations are open 24 hours of 7 days a week.

The biggest shopping streets are Kärtnerstraße (1st district), Mariahilferstraße (6th district), Favoritenstraße (10th district), MeidlingerHauptstraße (12th district) and LandstraßerHauptstraße (3rd district).
Variety of Shopping malls are located in Vienna, for example: Shopping City Süd (SCS), Millenium City, Donauzentrum, Lugner City.

Average prices in Vienna (2015):
• 1kg bread – 3.00 €
• 1L milk – 0.80 – 1.20 €
• 500g pasta – 1.20 €
• pack of cigarettes – 4.50€
• lunch at a restaurant – 10.00 €+
• half a liter beer in a Cafe – 2.80 to 3.50 €
• ticket for public transport – 2.20 €


Bank account

Most of the banks offer special student bank accounts with very suitable conditions. Our two partner banks have offers for you and we will be happy to assist you to open a student bank account.

Cell phone

In comparison to other European countries the costs for mobile phoning in Austria are quite low. You can choose between a prepaid card or a contract with the phone company. Contracts offer a lower price per minute, but you need to keep in mind that they have a minimum duration period and cannot be cancelled early. The country code for Austria is +43.

Medical Care

• Krankenanstalt Rudolfsstiftung, Juchgasse 25, 1030 Vienna
• AKH Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna
• Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Süd, Kundratstraße 3, 1100 Vienna
• Unfallkrankenhaus Wien Meidling, Kundratstraße 37, 1120 Vienna
• Krankenhaus Hietzing, Wolkersbergenstraße 1, 1130 Vienna
• Hanusch-Krankenhaus, Heinrich-Collin-Straße 30, 1140 Vienna
• Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Spital, Huglgasse 1-3, 1150 Vienna
• Wilhelminenspital, Montleartstraße 37, 1160 Vienna
• Unfallkrankenhaus Wien Lorenz Böhler, Donaueschingstraße 13, 1200 Vienna
• Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Floridsdorf, Hinaysgasse 1, 1210 Vienna
• Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Ost – Donauspital, Langobardenstraße 122, 1220 Vienna

Information about hospitals in Vienna:

Searching for a general practitioner or any specialist can be done via

The Chamber of Pharmacists offers a list of emergency pharmacies with opening hours at:

Important Phone Numbers:
• Fire brigade: 122
• Police: 133
• Ambulance: 144
• Doctor on call: 141
• Pharmacy emergency line: 01/1550
• Nurse service: 01/403 78 10
• Poison emergency line: 01/406 4343
• Dental emergency line: 01/512 2078

Public Transport

Vienna has a dense and well functioning public transport network, which ensures a fast commune through the city. There are 5 subway lines and 118 bus and tramlines. On weekends and before holidays the subways drive all night with additional night bus lines. For an easy travel through the city there is a mobile app to support you.
The two biggest train stations in Vienna – the central station and Vienna west – are very well connected to the public transport network.

ÖBB-VORTEILScard (train bonus card)

For everyone under the age of 26 the ÖBB (Austrian train company) offers a bonus card for 19.90 € per year, which offers a discount for up to 50% on any travel by train. Further information under


The international airport Vienna Schwechat is located south of Vienna and can be accessed via train, bus or the CAT – City Airport Train.


More and more people decide to explore Vienna by bike and the network of bike routes is more than 1.200km – and keeps growing.
The bike network and a route planner can be found at:

An alternative to public transport is the public rent-a-bike system „Citybike“. There are 50 bikestations in Vienna where you can rent a bike as well as return it to any other station. A one time registration with bank or credit card is needed to use the system, more information can be found under:

Taxi – Numbers:
31 300
60 160

Activities / Culture and Art

Activities in Vienna

Vienna offers a variety of activities for your personal preferences, every season offers individual possibilities. Action and nature lovers can find everything they long for. For more information visit the webservice of the city of Vienna –
Information about sight seeing as well as sport and leisure activities and a list of public pools can be found here. More information about cultural events can be found in local newspapers e.g „der Falter“.

If you want to explore Vienna on the touristic paths, please contact the information point of Wien Tourismus:

Tourist-Info Wien
Albertinaplatz/Maysedergasse, behind the Opera, 1010 Vienna
Open: 09:00h to 19:00h
+43 (0)1 24 555

Most of the theaters and operas, a well as museums offer special prices for students.

University Sport Institute of Vienna

Students of public universities of Vienna have the possibility to book courses in almost all areas at a very low cost. To participate, you only need a proof of your admission for the current semester. A list of available courses can be found at (only in German)

Universitäts-Sportinstitut Wien
Auf der Schmelz 6a,
1150 Vienna
+43 (0)1 4277-17001

Swimming in the City
Along the „Old Danube”, a quiet side arm of the Danube River, you can find a variety of swimming opportunities. Most popular is the „Gänsehäufel“, an island in the old Danube which is used only for bathing pleasure, where you can also find the Angelibad or the Beach site Alte Donau. During summertime, the Donauinsel, a big island in the Danube is very popular for relaxing and swimming.

Libraries in Vienna

Beside the biggest library of Austria, the national library, every University has its own library for studying or enjoying the silence and reading. The city libraries offer a wide variety of different media.

Austrian National Library
Josefsplatz 1,
1010 Vienna
Daily ticket: € 3.00 or yearly: € 10.00

Vienna public Libraries
An annual subscription is needed to borrow items, the reduced annual fee for students is € 3.80.
Central Library Vienna
Urban-Loritz-Platz 2,
1070 Vienna
Mo – Fr 11.00 to 19.00 h
Sat 11.00 to 17.00 h